EcoBoost Spotlight


EcoBoost Spotlight.jpg


The technicians at Ford are always looking to create the next best thing that raises the bar for the industry, whether that’s new safety technology, a new model structure, or best yet, a new type of engine: Ford EcoBoost.


The Ford EcoBoost engines are extremely powerful, boasting the type of horsepower reserved for much larger, more traditional engines. And yet, the EcoBoost engines produce much less greenhouse emissions, like a smaller engine would.


Specifically, it’s estimated that Ford EcoBoost engines achieve 20 percent better fuel efficiency while producing 15 percent less greenhouse emissions, which adds up to an enormous amount of money saved and greenhouse emissions avoided over time.


This means that Ford vehicles get to remain some of the most powerful, reliable engines on the market, while still being fuel-efficient. Ever since the first EcoBoost engine was produced in 2009, each new lineup of Ford vehicles has been stocked with this tech.


In fact, every new Ford model is available with a Ford EcoBoost engine, and most Ford vehicles from recent years have EcoBoost technology too. For example, the 2016 Ford Fusion gets up to 36 mpg on the highway, and the 2016 Ford Focus gets up to 42 mpg.


Whether it’s the money savings that these engines provide or the lessened impact on the environment that matters to you most, Ford EcoBoost engines have your back in providing the most efficient engines possible.


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