Ford Innovation

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Ford is always making waves in the technology world. Ford Innovation has several projects that take innovation to the next level.


Human-Machine Interaction


Ford is working to improve on human-machine interaction to bring top digital technology into the F-150, such as digital lighting, instrument panels, and entertainment systems.


Battery Research Powers Up


With this project, Ford aims to extend a car battery’s life even longer and make it more durable.


Medicine in Motion


Using the capable Ford Endeavor, pregnant women in remote and less privileged villages can travel safely to healthcare facilities in rural communities.


100 Years of the Moving Assembly Line


One-hundred years ago, Henry Ford’s Highland Park plant was the first moving assembly line, and it continues its success today.


Driving Innovation in Silicon Valley


With this project, Ford is analyzing how Ford SYNC 3 can help monitor data and integrate with things like bike transportation.


Sonic Signals


The team on this project helps to find the exact right tones (of signal or alerts) that communicate with the driver when urgent messages need to be heard.


It Came from Outer Space


Using influence from the International Space System, Ford develops new technologies that help with vehicle communication.


Body of Work


Every year, the best-selling F-150 grows even more in its capability and innovation.


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