Ford Mustang History


Ford Mustang History


No other performance vehicle has the legendary reputation that the Ford Mustang does. A hit when it was first introduced, and continuing to be the world’s bestselling sports coupe, the pony car has set the benchmark for the Ford brand and other automakers around the world. The Mustang’s 50 year history is a journey filled with innovation.


First Generation (1964 ½ – 1973)


Ford showed off the first production Mustangs at the New York World’s Fair in 1964, intent on creating a radically unique sports car for baby boomers. It was first offered as a notchback coupe or convertible, with a unibody structure created to have an affordable price tag.


Due to the stiff competition that the Mustang inspired from other automakers, Ford increased the size and body of the Mustang in ‘67. Enhancing the form and engine led many to declare the redesigned Mustang superior to the original.


Continuing to increase in size and powertrain options, the 1969 Mustang continued to remain innovative. It introduced two “Boss” versions engineered for racing.


Second Generation (1974 – 1978)


The Mustang’s underwhelming appearance received criticism upon its redesign in the early 1970s. It was time for an overhaul to breathe new life into the pony car.


Changes to the size and underpinnings of the Mustang led to a wave of skyrocketing sales of the Mustang II. It may have been based on the Pinto’s chassis, but it revived the exterior look everyone loved.


Third Generation (1979 – 1993)


The longest-running version of the Mustang lasted from ’79-’93, sporting a much more angular, pointed shape reflective of the style of the times.


Fourth Generation (1994 – 2004)


Returning to its origins and lowering the cost, the fourth wave of the Mustang concurrently raised its handling and performance to new heights.


Fifth Generation (2005 – 2014)


Horsepower grew as the biggest change to this Mustang was its enhanced V6 and V8 engine options. The first independent rear suspension ever was offered, too.


Sixth Generation (2015 – now)


Changing its long-used Fox platform for something more refreshing, the current Mustang encompasses everything we love about Ford’s crowning achievement.


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