About Albany, Georgia  



Albany, Georgia


Located in the southwest corner of Georgia lies the heart of Dougherty County—Albany. This city is a hub of outdoor adventure, culture, shopping, and dining, which is why it is such a great community. It has a long, rich history with connection to the antebellum age of the Old South and America’s early Native America culture. It’s this vast diversity of history that makes Albany a place Griffin Ford is proud to serve.


The Creek Indians were the first inhabitants of the area, influencing the name of the Flint River, which flows through the Albany area and was originally called the “Thronateeska.” This means the area where flint is picked up. The city was officially founded in 1836 by Nelson Tift, who hoped that it would become a hub of trade like its namesake, Albany, New York. By the turn of the 20th century, this dream came true as it became a rail center that saw as many as 55 trains each day.


Now, Albany continues to flourish with a number of diverse attractions that will keep any visitor or resident entertained. The centerpiece of downtown is the Flint RiverQuariam, which is a 175,000-gallon, 22-feet-deep aquarium that illustrates the Flint River’s natural ecosystem—and celebrates Albany’s well-known river turtle. Along with the RiverQuarium, Albany has a number of natural green spaces, including RiverFront Trail, which travels three miles north to Cleve Cox Landing.


Historians can even learn more about the Civil Rights-era with a tour at the Civil Rights Institute. This museum will give visitors a look into the area’s civil and human rights legacy, while allowing them to see one of Dr. Martin Luther King’s main speaking locations—Mt. Zion Baptist Church. Visitors can also learn all about the area’s history at the Thronateeska Heritage Center, which includes the Wetherbee Planetarium, Science Discovery Center, and Museum of History. There is even a model train to explore.


Albany, Georgia is a city full of culture, educational pursuits, and outdoor spaces. These characteristics make the city, which is only an hour west of Griffin Ford, a great place to live and visit.